Citizens Climate Lobby - Ontario

Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate changed released its Climate Change Discussion Paper last month (link below). They are inviting the public to give feedback on this, and let’s make sure we take advantage of this golden opportunity to tell our government what’s important to us.
Here’s the website:
The first thing you need to do is to register by clicking on the “sign up and share” button (it’s easy and fast). 
Once you’ve done that, check out the various proposals and add your own ideas, too.  But before you leave the website, please make sure you’ve given a thumbs up to both of the carbon pricing ideas suggested (links below).  Neither of them proposes exactly CCL’s carbon fee and dividend, but that’s okay because you can go into the “comments” section on each of them and articulate why you want a revenue neutral carbon tax.  If you want some pointers, there are links below to CCL’s laser talks on carbon pricing.  Now go have some fun - let’s start a fee and dividend parade that Minister Murray and the rest of the Wynne government can get behind!
Laser talk links:
Climate Change Discussion Paper: