Write to your Councillor urging to support divestment from fossil fuels!

Price Carbon Now! recognizes that combating climate change requires a multi-pronged strategy that includes carbon pricing, regulations, divestment, etc.
So, Price Carbon Now! is working alongside 350 Ottawa to appeal to City of Ottawa Councillors to urge the city to divest from fossil fuels. We have set up an online letter that you can send to your Councillor. To learn more about divestment and the campaign in Ottawa, please visit this page.
Please send a message to your Councillor urging him/her to support freezing any new investment in the 200 largest publicly traded fossil fuel companies, and to fully divest from these same companies over the next five years. To send the message to your Councillor, please choose your ward/Councillor from the dropdown menu below. If you don't know your ward, you can find it using your address on this webpage
Not a resident of Ottawa? Please forward this page to people you know who live in Ottawa using this link.
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