Ontario's greenhouse gas emissions

Ontario has the second highest total emissions in Canada after Alberta. The provinces emissions represent 24% of total emissions among Canadian provinces and territories with total emission of 171 megatonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2011.1 However, the province has one of the lowest per capita emissions in Canada – 12.8 per capita.2


Greenhouse gas emissions by province and territory (1990-2011)

Source: Environment Canada, Government of Canada1


In Ontario, road transportation is the largest contributor (27%) of GHG emissions. Industrial processes account for 11% and electricity and heat generation contribute 9%.2

Per cent of all Ontario greenhouse gas emissions by sector

Source: Environment Canada, Government of Canada


The emissions of some sectors are increasing while those from others are decreasing. Emissions from road transportation; and residential, commercial and institutional buildings are 30% and 19% higher compared to 1990 levels, while those from industrial processes, and energy and heat generation have dropped by 93% and 37%, respectively.2



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